Justin Critch
Justin Critch
Dark Art Photo-Manipulation

Justin Critch

Dark Art Photo-Manipulation


About Me

*Artwork used in Vampires of New England documentary: vimeo.com/55420037
*Created album art for Grabak's "Sin" tinyurl.com/6lnlxwd
*Created cover art for horror novel "Burden Kansas"
*Awarded 3 Daily Deviations from deviantART.com
*3 week art show at the Rogue Gallery in St. John's NL.
*Created cover art for 6 issues of Abort Magazine: tinyurl.com/7n3cznu
*Online feature @ AbortMag.com: tinyurl.com/7bqy2pc
*Featured in the horror themed book "Obscene Seduction" (April 2010)
*Exclusive online interview via pxleyes.com tinyurl.com/2cklzbg
*Self released limited edition art book titled "UnderDecay"
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